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Thank you for visiting our website. What Sterling does is build skis that are rationally designed, precisely constructed with the finest materials and hand-finished to ensure quality.
We have one mission: to build a better ski. In the past few years, the ski industry has been dominated by a few megacorporations who mass produce skis with a goal to increase profit margins for their shareholders. Their goal is to make profits. Our goal is quite different: We simply aim to make better skis.

While no ski is perfect for every skier and all conditions, we feel that our Matterhorn ski comes close. We have designed a ski that can disappear under your feet. I feel assured that all skiers can feel the difference when a better design, finer materials and a true craftsman are used to make a ski. With Sterling you get only the best.

John Mansell
President, Sterling Skis LLC

» "I can't come up with enough praise for this ski."
» "The Matterhorn flat out rips."
» "Slicing and Dicing."
» "This is the ski you dream about."
» "I LOVE these skis!!"
» "Real substantive advantages."
» "Adrenaline-rushing excitement."
» "An outstanding all-around ski."
»"The Sterling somehow improved my skiing."
» "It is astounding."

"I can't come up with enough praise for this ski"

The Sterling Skis Matterhorn AT. 174cm, Palisander Santos

Reviewer: Tom From, Professional Reviewer

5’9’’ 190lbs. Ex Racer, Coach. Expert skier, very technical. Love to make high speed carving turns but will jump into the woods at any given moment.

I had the opportunity to meet John Mansell, the owner of Sterling Skis at Stratton, VT. and ski with him and Gary Longely,the owner of The Startingate Ski Shop in Bondville, VT. Having spent some time on the Matterhorn (I will call it the Speed from here on in), I was really curious about the new Matterhorn AT, the newest model from Sterling. John has another hit on his hands. Its designed for the rider who wants the feel of a race ski without all the punch.The Speed is a race bred, high energy ski. The AT has all the same feel but because of the lack of the VIST Speedlock plate, it is much more a degree. It has the same incredible damp ride, loves the fast pace, and awesome edge hold of the Speed. What is different is that it is much more easy going. If you don't punch it,it doesn't punch back, but if you do stand on it, it will launch you into the next turn easily and predictably. Very fluid and smooth and precise,edge to edge. It actually feels very soft when you hand flex it, but doesn't ski that way. It wants to go and hammer, but says "OK you just want to ride that's fine. But now if your going to make me work...great..lets get on with it!" Truly versatile. Way too much fun. We spent most of the day following Gary because he knows Stratton like the back of his hand. We skied powdery bumps(and not nice ones! Typical skidded type bumps with no pattern) and the AT just loved it. We cruised at high speeds and it was phenomenal at that. Short turns on changing conditions..awesome! The last run of the day we were going just warp speed under the gondola and the AT didn't even care..just wanted to go faster, and did, you could not lay the ski over far enough, it just wanted more. BUT, there was not this huge release of energy, it controlled it, and smoothly launched you into the next turn and the next get the drift! John at Sterling is on to something and he has done his design home work, The AT is a performance ski that does everything. This is the type of ski that will make anyone a better rider. I can't come up with enough praise for this ski. John from Sterling says "The AT's real beauty is its ability to disappear under your feet, and become an extension of your lower body." I could not have said it any better.



"The Matterhorn flat out rips."

The Sterling Skis Matterhorn Speed. 185cm.

Reviewer: Marshal From,, Professional Reviewer

6’2’’ 215lbs. Very strong, proficient, technical skier w/ a race background.

Initial Thoughts: These skis are absolutely gorgeous. The finish and quality of construction is as far as I am concerned simply unrivaled in ski production. Be prepared to get comments in the lift line, because folks will notice these babies, this much is for sure. Hand flexing the ski indicated a well thought out flex pattern that offers a nice round flex tip and tail with some beef underfoot. The skis exhibited plenty of energy, rebound, and
life as well. I was excited to get them out in the mountains as quickly as possible.

Performance: The Matterhorn flat out rips. Make no bones about it; these skis are constructed for performance. Every component of the ski was selected with optimum performance in mind. The Matterhorn is incredibly smooth and stable at speed while making large and fast GS and SG turns. They do not remotely have a speed limit and offer the driver a silky, elegant experience. The tip and tail yield no unwanted feedback, wavering, or deflection at speed, and the more the skier drives the ski, the more rebound and life it offers. They never felt over-damp or dead. With such a nice amount of rebound, the skis are able to snap off quicker SL-type turns, even in the 185, which is a relatively long straight ski for such a turn.

I would say that these skis feel similar to a real deal, world cup quality, race room constructed, GS ski with a wider waist, more versatile all mountain and less "twitchy" than a lot of race skis tend to feel. I think they will also perform admirably off-piste. They are quick edge to edge, with a relatively straight sidecut so performance in moguls and trees will be solid indeed, though I did not have the opportunity to test them in such situations.

Final thoughts: They are both gorgeous in appearance and ski amazingly well, which cannot be said of a lot of skis out there, especially in the luxury ski market. I think there will be a lot of happy customers of Sterling Skis and the brand will see a lot of success. I am very excited to see this line grow with several more offerings in the future.


"Slicing and Dicing."

Review of the Sterling Matterhorn Speed. Bird’s Eye Maple, 174cm.

Reviewer: John from Longmont, CO, Owner

5’10’’ 160lbs, Strong, proficient, 30+ years skiing. Technical skier

I love this ski! I have had some adrenaline charged days slicing and
dicing steep groomers with the Matterhorn. The ski is smooth, stable and
fast. I really enjoyed being able to carve precise high speed turns with
little to no skid. Once the edges are engaged the ski turns effortlessly
through its arc. I also found the ski to be excellent in mixed and
changing snow conditions. When skiing bowls with the Matterhorn I am
able to cut through crud and loose snow much easier then any other ski I
have tried or owned. This is an aggressive, fast, and highly responsive
all mountain ski. Don’t be fooled by their beauty, they are constructed
for performance. Once you point them down hill you will know they are
special. I guarantee they will make you smile.


"This is the ski you dream about."

The Sterling Skis Matterhorn Speed. 175cm, Palisander Santos

Reviewer: Tom From, Professional Reviewer

5’9’’ 190lbs. Ex Racer, Coach. Expert skier, very technical. Love to make high speed carving turns but will jump into the woods at any given moment.

It was a beautiful day at the king of grooming in Vermont....Okemo. Perfect for my first day out and perfect conditions for test driving the Sterling Matterhorns..a race ski in disguise.

First of all, these skis are beautiful to look at. Finely made topskins of lacquered exotic wood trimmed with beautiful metal trim. I didn't even get to the lodge before I was accosted by people asking about them on looks alone! I went to Okemo to test these skis privately and that was all thrown out the window by my friends at the Nordica Demo tent who wanted to know all about them.

These skis are real attention getters,wonderful to look at. The truth ,however,is in the pudding, and these skis perform! You can go back to my friends post for the dimensions, but these skis rip! Tenacious, grippy, smooth edge to edge, precise and very comfortable at speed. I could not push them hard enough. I spend most of my time on Volkl Race Carvers in a 167cm length or a Volkl AC4 in a 177.

The Matterhorns just gripped and didn't budge. If you got back on them they exploded out from under your feet precisely. Never once was I in fear of ending up in the bushes from the ski unloading. If this ski was flat, with no VIST plate like it comes with, oh boy, it would be race stock material! You would be in the bush's!

This ski is perfect for hard core, speed freak, front side rippers. After 30 years in the ski business, Its hard to be surprised by things. All I can say is buy a pair... This is the ski you dream about for ripping down groomers at high speeds, with nothing to worry about. The Matterhorns will take care of you and get you there with your eyes watering and a big smile on your face. I totally forget about how much my new boots hurt I was having so much fun on them.

Great job,Sterling, I really need to get a pair!


"I LOVE these skis!!"

Sterling Matterhorn Speed, 174cm, Madrona Burl

Reviewer: Andrew from Park City, Utah, Owner

Just finished a 10 day vacation in Park City. The Sterling skis exceeded my expectations, they were FANTASTIC!!! Hard pack carving, short and long turns, fast or slow, moguls, trees, powder; they excelled at everything I threw at them. I am truly amazed, I LOVE these skis!!

"Real substantive advantages."

Sterling Matterhorn Speed, 163cm, Madrona Burl

Reviewer: Glenn from Aspen CO, Owner

After 4 days on my new Sterlings, I find real substantive advantages over my other skis.

#1-- much greater holding power on ice and hard pack, most likely due to the laminations underfoot combined with the elevation and stiffness of the race plate—edging is easier.

#2--The shape and lower rise of the shovel knifes through powder and crud more effectively than other skis.

#3— Carving the zip line of bumps, hard or soft, is laser crisp.

A pleasure to see sophisticated quality wood on the top sheet rather than moron world flash graphics.


"Adrenaline-rushing excitement."

Sterling Skis-Matterhorn Speed, 174cm, Madrona Burl

Reviewer: Jim from Crested Butte, CO, Owner
5’10, 195lbs, 40 + years of skiing, NASTAR Racer

Skier: Passion for technique, varied advanced terrain and--- Speed. These skis are the relative of exotic performance cars, and deliver as promised!
As many of us search for the perfect machine, instrument, or ski to have fun, the Matterhorn provides adrenaline-rushing excitement beyond fun into a passion for conquering the whole mountain. I own '07 models of Atomics B5 Metron and Solomon 1080 Guns, and searched for a more unique and stable ski at manufacturers "Demo Days" at Loveland Basin; CO. I tried
most manufacturers and 10+ all mountain skis and found nothing overwhelming. Discovering Sterling's Matterhorn was a complete new level of ski and skiing for me. The stability at speed and turning response, elevate the excitement over previous skis exponentially!

The entire package is comparable to receiving a valued musical instrument, the velvet lined case with poles, bindings and skis securely positioned just waiting to run. The exotic burl top surface wrapped in stainless and the
unique medallion label always start conversations on the chairlift about their beautiful design and performance possibilities.

After over thirty years of skiing, this year I have enjoyed a level of skiing like no other and it is directly related to the confidence in the Matterhorn. In 30+ days of every kind of Colorado ski condition this year, from two feet of fresh powder, to sub zero hardpack, these skis continue to amaze me and have also delivered consistent high speed performance at Nastar courses throughout Colorado. The stability at higher speeds and deep carving turns would promote a higher level of skiing for any veteran skier. The ski is intuitive and seems to teach proper technique on its own. The lightweight to its performance curve helps to maintain balance and precision in all types of extreme and groomed terrain absorbing any snow situation.

I am proud to own Sterling's Matterhorn number #4 of 140 this
year and look forward to many years of flying on these skis.


"An outstanding all-around ski."

Sterling Skis-Matterhorn Speed, 185cm, Palisander Santos

Reviewer: Bob from Jackson Hole, WY, Professional Reviewer
6’1", 195lbs, Ski Instructor & Backcountry Guide

I'm 6'1", 195#, have been skiing a long time, teach all levels of adult private lessons at Jackson Hole and spent a bunch of winters as a backcountry guide here. The skis I prefer tend to be smooth, powerful, damp, and capable of blowing through crud snow while not being SO demanding than I can't relax and teach on them.

The Sterlings have a similar feel to the Head iM82, which are an outstanding all-around ski. The Sterlings are not so turny as to get deflected in crud but definitely turny enough that if you tip them over and put some weight on them they'll come around plenty quick.

I skied them on a new-snow day with about 8" of fresh snow over several days of cut-up snow and soft moguls. The only groomer I tried them on had 8" of fresh untracked fluff on it and those skis were like heaven on that.

What I liked about these skis was that they were very predictable and didn't want to lock me into any one kind of turn or radius of turn. They could be skied low and fast in long-radius GS turns or they could be easily swung around in tighter, steeper trees and bumps. I felt very confident on them and didn't hesitate to take them through some pretty skinny holes in the trees.

So, I would call this a really, really fun ski that could take on most anything a big mountain has to offer. I know that you wide-ski aficionados out there will want a bigger platform, but this ski will do it all very nicely if you give it a try.

Are there skis out there that ski as "well" as the Sterlings? I'm sure there are. Are there skis out there that LOOK as good? Not that I've seen lately. Are there skis out there that are as lovingly and meticulously made? Maybe, but I don't know that I'm aware of them. So, What I can tell you is that they ski really darn well.


"The Sterling somehow improved my skiing."

Sterling Matterhorn Speed, 174cm, Palisander Santos.

Reviewer: John from Boulder, CO, Owner

5’11", 170lbs, 29 total seasons of experience,

My review is a compare & contrast to my Stockli Storm Riders XL and Dynastar Legend 8000. Over the past few years these two skis have been my skis of choice. Last year, I began testing some of the indie company skis, most were good but were not what I was looking for. The Sterling Skis President, told me that if I buy the Matterhorns and did not like them, he would refund my money. I jumped at the opportunity.

Groomers/Packed Powder: I could not compare/contrast my Stocklis or Dynastars to the Sterlings. The Matterhorn is in a different league. It has been years since I have been on a true race ski but these are the fastest skis in my memory. You point them down hill and they are off to the races. At speed they are remarkably stable, solid, quiet and responsive. Turning the ski at speed was ez and controllable. They have a fun pop when exiting out of the turns. On GS turns, they track like no other ski I have been on. I pushed them as hard as I could and found no limits. I don’t always have the best form and they were forgiving even when I got back on the tail.

The Matterhorn liked the steep terrain and easily transitioned from light powder to packed powder to ice without missing a beat. They were also good at short turns and were very lively. They may not be the fastest edge to edge ski I have ever been on but they are fast and they practically beg for speed and big turns.

Bumps: I am an average bump skier. I like to spend a lot of time in them, if the conditions are good. For bump skiing, I typically like my Stocklis. They are quick and do a good job. At first, I found the Stocklis quicker and easier to control through the moguls. The Sterlings took a some time to dail in, but after a few day, the Sterling came to life for me. With my weight forward and in the sweet spot they are quick and agile. My Stocklis maybe easier to ski in the bumps and more forgiving but when I am in the sweet spot, the Sterlings perform better.

Powder/Chopped Up Powder: In the past when conditions are boot deep or less, I would grab my Dynastars because the are super in tracked up powder, crud and heavier conditions. The first time I skied the Sterlings in heavy, boot deep terrain. I was completely surprised by their performance. Like on groomers, the Sterlings are speed demons and they just slashed through the crud without deflection. The Sterling handled the mounds, holes and chop like it was a groomer. They were unfazed by any of these hard to ski conditions. I think the Sterlings are the best chopped up/crud ski I have been on.

The Sterlings do exceptionally well in powder for a ski that is 76cm under foot. The nose is turned up and it seems to pop the ski on top of the snow. They may not be my first choice if I am skiing 20 inches of untracked power but once the snow gets tracked up I am back on the Sterlings.

Conclusion: After a full season on the Sterlings, I can firmly say, these are my go-to skis. With 29 years of skiing under my belt, I though my level of skiing had plateau-ed. As the season progressed, I found I was skiing faster, in more control and enjoying more of the mountain. I finished the season skiing the best I have ever skied. I believe the Sterling somehow improved my skiing form and boosted my confidence. I am looking forward to the opening of next season and getting back on my Sterlings.


"It is astounding."

Sterling Skis-Matterhorn Speed, 174cm, Palisander Santos

Reviewer: Stephen- Copper Mountain, CO, Professional Reviewer

6'.0", 175lbs. 37th season skiing, ski anywhere in all conditions. PSIA instructor and author of "Open Your Heart with Skiing; Mastering Life Through Love of the Turns".

The review...

In a word: Imperturbable
In two words: Confidence inspiring.
In a sentence: A world-cup GS soul in a midfat body.

Conditions: I skied on 5 and 6 February at Copper Mountain, primarily on upper-level blue and black terrain. New snow both days meant a soft surface, occasional deep sections (up to mid-thigh), and very limited groomed or hard snow. I was guiding a group each of the two days, so we covered a lot of terrain and kept moving.

Edge hold: This ski likes to track. It is biased for riding the edge, and the power of that edge produces confidence and encourages movement patterns along the ski rather than across it. Throwing your tails around is strongly discouraged...

The only other ski I have ever been on with this kind of edge confidence was an FIS GS ski. It is astounding. Even more so that it didn't matter the conditions or terrain: Bumps, crud, powder, chunks, whatever. I practically arced down bumps on terrain like The Moz, Retreat, Jaques Peak, Kaboom, and Rattler while also cutting up powder on shots like Marvin Gardens, Timberline Trees, and Buzzard's Alley. In other words, all over.

The skis tracked predictably and without deflection in all of this at up to very high speeds. There was never any hint of instability of any kind. They just track.

Turn shape: For me, the Matterhorns clearly preferred medium- to long-radius turns. Tight turns along the zipperline of moguls were more work than I have been used to with my Nordica Afterburners. But, at medium and long turns, just hold on for an exciting ride!

Release: The skis really reward solid movements along the ski and through release. Try to muscle into or out of a turn, and they'll slap your wrists a bit. This can be a good thing, and can contribute to the advancement that some skiers have reported after spending time on them. I believe that they can make anyone a better skier by encouraging solid movements. This was especially noticeable at transition and release.

Conclusions: The Sterling skis deliver on their promise. For those who are looking for uncompromising performance in an all-mountain ski, Sterling is a solid -- and upscale -- choice.


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